17th December 2018

We Wish You An App-y Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again; jazzy jumpers are making an appearance, Christmas songs are taking over the charts and festive treats are emerging to tempt us. Although we’d never say no to a cheeky mulled cider (or two), there are quick and simple ways to keep your health on track this Christmas. Here are some of our favourite alternatives to Christmas traditions using Great British apples.

Rudolph’s Very Shiny Gala

Although carrots may help Rudolph see in the dark, we know a little secret that will make his night… Leave a British apple out and you’ll give everyone’s favourite reindeer the long-lasting energy he needs to make it around the world on Christmas Eve. The elves say his favourite is a Gala – juicy and sweet with a colour that matches his nose.

Festive Bramley Bake

Mince pies may be an old favourite, but for a new take on the traditional treat, try a Festive Baked Bramley. Simply core and fill a British Bramley apple with homemade mincemeat and bake in the oven for a delicious lighter take on the classic, with the same great festive flavours. We’re big fans of this fabulous recipe from Sainsbury’s which combines fresh, frozen and dried fruit. The combination of the sweet mincemeat with the naturally tart taste of the Bramley will be a festive favourite in no time.

We wish you a Merry Cheese-mas

There’s nothing quite like a festive cheese board on Boxing Day, but one skilful way to shave off a few calories is to swap regular crackers for apple crackers. Grab your favourite British Cox, Braeburn or Jazz and carefully slice the sides of the apple. Add your cheese on top and save those precious calories for some homemade Bramley chutney for dipping, yum yum.

Deck The Halls with Boughs of Bramleys

We may be biased, but even at Christmas, we believe that apples are the best fruit. Have you ever decorated your home with iconic British Bramleys? Hang them from your Christmas tree, pop them into wreaths or display along the mantelpiece wrapped up in Christmas bows to give your ornaments an original edge this Christmas. You could take some inspiration from @StarkeyBramley on Instagram who used fabulous Bramleys in a festive garland.

We’d love to hear about your app-y Christmas traditions, how do you enjoy apples at Christmastime?