11th September 2017

The Great British Apple season is upon us

From this week, the apple a day which keeps the doctor away can be British, as growers busily harvest early season varieties.

So what should you be looking out for on supermarket shelves to ensure you’re enjoying the tastiest, crunchiest and juiciest Great British apples?

Estivale – a very good early/mid-season apple, Estivale has an outstanding taste, combining a sweet flavour with slight tartness and a hint of aniseed. They’re only grown commercially in limited quantities, so be quick to make sure you get your hands on one.

Smitten – with a rich balanced flavour and a phenomenal crunch, we’re Smitten with this variety!

Early Windsor – a variety that has much in common with the Cox, albeit ripening a little sooner. It has a sweet flavour with hints of aniseed and honey balanced by a slight tang with a juicy, crunchy texture.

Discovery – to enjoy at its best, take a Discovery home and eat straightaway to really appreciate the distinctive taste and crispy bite.

Gala – the largest single variety of eating apple, Gala is hugely popular due to its sweet flavour and crisp texture.

Cox – regarded as one of the finest of all eating apples, the flavour of Cox is superb with a wonderfully honeyed aroma.

As the season changes and more varieties become ready for harvesting, you’ll see an even wider choice in supermarkets. There’s a Great British apple for everyone, so head to the shops now to find yours!