31st July 2018

Tastiest apples this century!

Coming soon: the tastiest Great British apples this century

Have you been enjoying the lovely weather recently and soaking up the glorious sunshine? Well it turns out, you’re not the only one.

The long sunny spells have struck at just the right time in the growing process for our apples, who have been sunning themselves nicely. We can all agree: it feels like years since we’ve had such a hot summer, and our apples can feel it too.

Thanks to the sunny June and July, this year our apples are set to be full of flavour. In fact, apple experts predict they’ll be the tastiest this century. How great is that?

Even better, there’s not too long to wait until the early varieties of British apples will be ready to be hand-picked.

The countdown to the harvest is now on, with Discovery apples appearing in August, followed by Cox, Royal Gala, Egremont Russet, and more hitting the supermarket shelves in September.

Looking for a healthy snack on-the-go? There’s not too long to wait before you can get your hands on this year’s delicious crop of Great British apples.