21st June 2018

Snack on an Apple a Day and Turn Pennies Into Pounds

We’re all partial to the occasional sweet treat, but our latest study reveals that when hunger strikes, the nation still reaches for chocolate, crisps, cheese and biscuits as their go-to snacking choices.

Surveying 2,000 people as part of our #GoodnessToGo initiative, we found that amidst the current clean-eating craze, half of Brits still turn to processed, packed snacks to satisfy hunger pangs. It’s perhaps not surprising, then, that the nation’s health and wallets are suffering as a result.

Sick of snacks?

There’s nothing wrong with a little chocolately indulgence, but our research shows that people who regularly snack on chocolate fall sick 33% more often than those who eat an apple a day. Perhaps this humble fruit really does keep the doctor away … After all, apples are full of fibre, rich in important antioxidants, naturally hydrating and are a slow release energy source that you can eat morning, noon and night. Simply enjoy as they come or slice up your favourite British variety and enjoy with a spoonful of peanut butter – whatever makes you ‘appley!

Healthy savings

Munching on an apple instead of binging on unhealthy snacks is not only good for your health, it’s also better for your wallet. In fact, our survey found that by swapping those snacks for an apple a day, you could save up to £31,000 in a lifetime1. Now that’s a saving we can get behind!

To reap the benefits in the short term, try keeping a jar for all the pennies you save from this simple swap. Over time the pennies will become pounds, you’ll feel healthier and so will your wallet.

Looking for the best British apples to snack on? Visit our homepage to see when your favourite variety is in season.

1Average adult lifetime 60.3 years, according to ONS statistics, 27 September 2017