5th October 2017

New Apple Store for Covent Garden

Covent Garden is getting a brand new apple store, but this time there’s a ‘core’ difference. It’s an actual apple store. Like – a store – dedicated to apples.

The new concept pop-up is set to look like a healthy version of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, with its walls bursting with the apple varieties available in Britain now.

Opening to celebrate the great British apple harvest, which started in September and goes on until November, we invite you to wander through a pop-up version of an English orchard and take your pick of the bunch, with unlimited free samples to try out. But for those who are unsure, or fearful of core-mitment, there will also be a dedicated apple matchmaking service: ‘Appily Ever After’. Trained appl-experts from English Apples & Pears will hitch up visitors with their perfect variety with a speed and app-titude that would make First Dates maitre d’ Fred Sirieix jealous.

Matching you up with your apple for life based on its taste profile and a splash of science, you’ll get to know more about apples (and possibly the inner workings of your soul) at the end of your trip than you ever thought possible.

The Apple Store is free, and open to the public on ‘Great British Apples Day’ (Friday 20 October) from 10am until 7pm. Fittingly, it is located on Grape Street, in Covent Garden.

Pip Pip