8th November 2019

Meet the most colourful apples this century…


It’s official – the Great British apple season is well and truly here, and this year’s harvest is filling up supermarket shelves across the nation, right now!



Better yet, this year’s apples are the most colourful this century, thanks to the ideal blend of warm days and cold nights in late August and early September.


So, brighten up your autumn mornings, and add a pop of colour to grey days with a rosy-red British apple, every day. Here are just some of the varieties you should keep an eye out for…

Tantalising Tastes This Month:

Cox: Regarded as one of the finest of all dessert apples, Cox has the perfect balance of sugars and bite. Its delicious flavour is complemented by a honeyed aroma and vivid orange-red skin

Gala: Identifiable by its stripy red skin with a sweet flavour and crisp crunch – it’s no wonder the Gala is Britain’s favourite apple.

Rubens: Sweet with a hint of melon, this British apple is simply delicious with the aroma of an orchard and classic red over green skin.

Kanzi: Known for a shiny orange-red skin over a golden background, with a fantastic crunch and delicately balanced flavours…there’s a reason Kanzi means ‘hidden treasure’ in Swahili.

Jazz: Perhaps the most vibrant of all British apples in colour, juicy Jazz provides a mixture of sweet-tart and pear drop tastes, topped off with a strong crunch.


With lots of varieties to snack on, each with unique flavours, tastes and textures, there really is a Great British apple for everyone. Keep an eye on what’s in season right now and head to your local supermarket to taste-test them all and find your favourite. Don’t forget to let us know what you choose on social!

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