2nd October 2019

It’s crunch time for British apples – from orchard to supermarket shelf

It’s crunch time – the British apple season has officially begun and our growers are busy harvesting to get the goods from orchards across the country to the nation’s supermarket shelves. As people throughout the UK prepare to pick up their favourite British snack from local supermarkets, we’re giving you an insight into what’s happening in the orchards right now.


Happily Handpicking

It’s all systems go as this year’s crop is ripe and ready for hand-picking. All of our pickers are eagle-eyed, ensuring that the apples you find in-store are the best of the best, nutritious and delicious. But don’t fear, any apples that don’t make it onto supermarket shelves are certainly not wasted – they’re used for a range of different things, including juicing and delicious apple pie filling.

Flavoursome Facts

We all know and love the UK for its wacky weather, but our sunny spells and notorious rainfall make it the perfect place for growing apples. Some varieties love soaking up the sun, whilst others can withstand colder temperatures. Rest assured, wherever your favourite British varieties are grown, they’re carefully chosen to thrive in their local conditions.

There are hundreds of apple varieties grown in the UK – enough to satisfy fruit-lovers nationwide, as each year, we consume enough British apples to fill 325 swimming pools!

All of these delicious British apples have their season, hand-picked at optimum flavour so they will reach the shops at their best. In September, it’s all hands on deck, as it’s the busiest picking time. It’s when we harvest many of the nation’s favourites – including Gala and Cox – ensuring you can have Great British apples all year round.

What’s Next?

So, what’s next? Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks, as British apples will be filling the shelves in your local stores before you know it. For now, get ready to fill your fruit bowls, and prepare to enjoy an apple a day – with lots to choose from, which variety will you go for first?


Find out when your favourite British apples are in season using our handy guide here.