29th March 2019

Fuel Your Fibre Intake with British Apples

Gobble, gulp and go – we’re officially a nation of snackers constantly on the move. But our snack choices could be affecting our health. Research shows we’re not getting enough essential nutrients, particularly fibre. The good news is British apples are a naturally sweet, nutritious and affordable snack that help fuel your fibre intake and lower that all important calorie count. As if we needed even more reasons to snack on an apple a day!


Snaccidents Happen

It’s no secret that we’re a nation of unhealthy snackoholics. In fact, our research[i] shows the nation’s love of unhealthy snacks adds up, with the average person consuming a whopping 1,412 calories a day outside of main meals. Whether that’s crisps, chocolate, sweets or biscuits – it seems we can’t resist temptation when we’re caught short in a moment of hunger.

According to our research, the biggest reasons for snacking on unhealthy foods were boredom, followed by habit and constant hunger. While an occasional treat is harmless, simple swaps can cut calories and up our healthy nutrient intake. Our findings revealed that swapping just one unhealthy snack a day for a British apple can save over 3,000 calories a month.


Up Your Fibre and Improve Gut Health

Figures from Public Health England show most of us aren’t getting enough fibre and consume just 18g each day – significantly below the recommended intake of 30g. Next time you feel that peckish pang, snack on a wholesome British apple. Only 77 calories and a source of fibre, they’re a convenient way to up your intake whether you’re beavering away in the office or on the move. Apples also contain the gut-friendly prebiotic ‘fibre pectin’, which helps to feed our good gut bacteria and regulate our digestive health.

Top tip – apples with their skins left on contain 46% more fibre than when peeled, saving you precious food prep time (and washing up!) Sound a-peeling?


Snack Inspiration to Fuel Your Fibre Intake

When hunger hits and you need a mid-morning snack, try our Braeburn Apple, Chilli and Pea Spread on Sourdough. With a mix of sweet and tangy Braeburn apple and a subtle heat from the chilli flakes, this snack is packed full of nutrients, easy to make and will fill you up in no time. If you enjoy batch cooking (without the herculean effort), whip up these moreish Spiced Braeburn Apple Chips  to pick at throughout the week. Or if you need to curb those sweet cravings, try our sweet and sharp Bramley Apple Compote – an ideal topper for yoghurt, porridge and granola.


What’s your favourite way to snack on #AnAppleADay?

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[i] Censuswide – 2,005 General consumers. Research conducted: 18.02.2019 – 20.02.2019