24th April 2019

Energy-Boosting Snack Hacks

Whether you’re running the London Marathon this weekend or just running for the bus, it’s easy to live life at 100mph. Ever had that feeling when you cross one thing off the to do list and another two appear? It’s not always possible to hit the pause button, so choosing the right snacks will help boost your energy levels and stop you face-planting the keyboard…


Slow and steady wins the race

Easy to grab and eat on the go, snacking on British apples is doable and delicious. They release their energy slowly, helping us to avoid those sudden sugar spikes followed by the crash that feels worse than if you had face-planted.

Not only are apples a slow release energy source (and not to mention tasty), they’re the kind of snack our waistlines love. Packing in quite a bit of fibre (1.8g per medium apple) for just 77 calories, they’re a filling, naturally sweet snack that will help fuel your body – even when the toughest slump hits. That’s why this week, we’re providing British apples to those running the London Marathon on behalf of HEART UK, the cholesterol charity. Not quite at marathon level yet? They’re pretty good after a jog around the block too!

If you’re feeling creative, here are some quick and easy snack hacks that will have you sprinting back for more!

  • Wrap British apple slices in Parma ham – the crispness of the apple and the saltiness of the ham is a match made in heaven. Take it one step further with a simple and delicious Gala Apple and Parma Ham sandwich
  • Stack slices of your favourite variety with slithers of Leerdammer cheese or add rounds to your cheddar on toast (you can never go wrong with cheese)
  • Layer peanut butter and jam on apple slices to satisfy a sweet tooth when an energy emergency strikes
  • Fancy something even crunchier? Add chunks of fresh apple into your trail mix for a tasty energy boost


What’s your favourite way to snack on #AnAppleADay?

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